Scorpion Eco version 600W




If you’re looking for a grow light for your indoor garden or greenhouse, this LED option is definitely worth considering. With a powerful 600W output and waterproof design, it’s made to help your plants thrive. And, our grower expert in Amsterdam has designed the full spectrum coverage to give your plants the best possible chance at growth and high yields.

Highlight 1: Tailored Spectrum for Optimal Growth The spectrum of this light has been carefully crafted by our expert in Amsterdam to make sure your plants get exactly what they need. And, each watt of power is estimated to result in an impressive 1.5 grams of yield!

Highlight 2: Plenty of Room for Your Plants This LED light has a lighting area of 110cm x 110cm, which makes it big enough to accommodate 32 plants. No need to worry about cramped quarters!

Highlight 3: Energy Efficient and Cool Running This grow light is super energy efficient, with a rate of >2.9umol/J – one of the highest on the market. That means it won’t overheat your plants or run up your electricity bill. Plus, it operates quietly, so you won’t have to listen to any annoying background noise.

Highlight 4: Easy to Control with Our Scorpion Control System We’ve made it super easy to control this grow light with our Scorpion control system. You can adjust settings and monitor your garden with ease.

Highlight 5: Built to Last and Adjustable This grow light is built to last, with a durable design and adjustable features. It’s a great choice for serious indoor growers who want to get the best results.