About us

Amsterdam Grow Light is established in 2019 in Amsterdam.

The aim of this company is to fabricate high-power, low energy cost, environmentally-friendly LED light for growing plants in order to respond to insufficient land problem, medical cannabis research and vertical cultivation challenge.

We use high-quality, long lifetime LED bulbs, combining with our innovative driving circuit to produce an optimized spectrum for crops. The spectrum is specially designed with our expert who has over 10 years of growing experience.

We believe that LED provides an excellent opportunity for the industry to improve the sustainability of current farming practices by increasing energy-to-yield conversion rate.

Our team consists of a group of enthusiastic, passionate and creative people. We are working on creating an international, friendly and full of happiness working environment. We are always looking for more people joining in us, if you are interested, please leave a message to

Team of Amsterdam Grow Light

5, July 2019