Eco Master 750w-XR


  • Most economical LED grow light
  • VEG/BLOOM Double modes
  • Truly high power
  • Hercules-Focus lens, concentrating 99.9% of light to your plants
  • Energy-saving
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If you’re shopping on a budget, then Eco Master 750W-XR is your choice. It has the best price you can find on the market which provides the maximum light power and lighting footprint.

What to expect in Eco Master 750w-XR?

  • With its design of 150 pieces of 5W LED bulbs, it offers a lighting footprint of up to 3 square meters+
  • The size of 30cm×50cm makes it a perfect fit no matter the size of your grow tent
  • By optimizing the light distributing angle, it produces 100% concentration light sources that go directly into your indoor plants
  • Provides the optimal light intensity
  • Works in two switchable modes: Vegetative and Flowering

For whom this grow light is suitable:

Professional growers, hobby growers, and anyone who wants to set up a powerful growing system.

Highlights you must know

  1. Full Spectrum
    A wide range of 360-800nm wavelengths can cover all the light your plants need to grow. We carefully designed the ratio between blue and red by our over 10 years of growing experience to give your plants the fastest growing speed.
  2. High power but the low energy consumption
    The circuit inside our grow light is designed by our experienced electronics expert. We use high-quality DC/AC convert to provide a smooth, low-loss DC current to LED bulbs. Meanwhile, heat loss is reduced to the lowest level to avoid unnecessary energy waste.
  3. Longer than 50,000 hours of a lifetime
    All of the products from us have passed a 50,000-hour aging test. That means you never need to replace this grow light even if you never turn it off for at least 6 years!
  4. High PPFD and large lighting area
    If you care about PPFD or LUX value, then Sunlight Simulator is the one you must choose. A certificated 1370 PPFD will definitely satisfy you. A 2.5m2 lighting area gives you a chance to grow up to 12 plants at the same time.

Our offer:

  1. Price friendly
    We know a LED grow light is still novel and expensive in the market. But we also know the transition from halogen light to LED is an inevitable process. That’s why we are always trying to make this market more friendly to all users. This is also why we provide the best price with the highest quality to convince our customers to try this state-of-art LED technology.
  2. Discreet shipping
    On the package, no one can see what you exactly bought
  3. Fast shipping within Europe
    We will arrange the shipment on the same day we receive your order. Your grow light will arrive on your doorstep within 2-3 working days in Europe
  4. CE, FCC, and RoHS certificates
    All of our products have CE, FCC, and RoHS certificate

Technical information:

  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum (390-780nm)
  • LED Bulbs: 150(White, Blue, Red, UV, IR)
  • Max Wattage: 350w (±5%)
  • HID Wattage Equivalent: 1500w
  • Input Voltage: AC 85-265V
  • AC Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • LIfetime: >50,000 Hours
  • Lumen: 9000Lm
  • Weight: Net: 5.1kg, Gross: 6.2kg
  • Dimensions: 505L x 315W x 95H (mm)
  • Recommended Height Above Plants: 30/60/90/120cm
  • PPFD(Correspond to Height): 1990/770/445/276µmol/m2/s
  • LUX(Correspond to Height): 65400/32200/16840/10600
  • Temperature: -20-40°C
  • Lighting Area: 3m2
  • Number of Plants: 6-8 plants
  • Warranty: 3 Year
  • Certifications: CE, ROHS, FCC

Additional information

Weight 6,46 kg
Dimensions 59,5 × 37 × 14,5 cm

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