Can I use normal LED light to grow plants indoor?

Can i use normal led light to grow plants indoor

Growing plants indoor is a challenge. Many people start doing this as a hobby at their garage, by hanging some normal LED panels together. This is a good idea. However, they always ending up of investing lots of money and time but harvesting way less yield than they expected. What did they do wrong? How to start your own indoor plants growing? Is it wise to use normal LED light to grow plants? Can I use normal LED light to grow plants indoor? Let’s check these questions today with our grow lights expert from Amsterdam!

Plants need not just one single color to grow

Plants use Chlorophyll to syntheses organic matter which is the source for plants to grow themselves. Chlorophyll has a few different forms. They all prefer different colors. Some home growers try to build up thier grow stup for the first time, they will try to make grow lights at home. However, 99% of them don’t know how to combines the right colors to give their plants the best care. Some even use only one single color source, this can be even dangerous for their plants because they can stop growing or even die because of leaking enough lighting.

Best grow lights should include colors from sunlight

Now let’s look at what lights can really grow plants. For sure, sunlight is the most natural lighting source for plants. Sunlight is a broad wavelength range light. It consists of all the colors, even the colors we cannot see for example IR and UV. Plants evolve so many years under sunlight so they already changed themselves to be suitable for growing under sunlight. Therefore when you choose a grow light, it must include all the colors from sunlight.

But sunlight is still not the best for plants

Is sunlight the ultimate solution for plants? We have to say “no”. If you look at the plants growing in natural environment, like a wild plant living in forrest. They normally need to grow all year long to reach their maximum size. In agriculture. We need plants to grow as fast as possible. No one has time of an entire year to wait for their planst to get mature. So why plants grow so slowly in nature? The main reason is the light intensity. The intensity from sunlight can only satisfy your plants’ 30% of need. This is why when plants grow indoor they can get mature 3 times faster than in nature.

Normal LED lights vs LED grow lights for plants

So, can I use normal LED light to grow plants indoor? From our decades of growing experiencs in Amsterdam, we found out normal LED light is not a good idea. Because the spectrum is way different from what plants need. The normal LED lights are designed for human eyes, specifically for home using. The plants don’t really like it. Only the grow lights that is equiped with fine tuned color spectrum can give plants enough lighting to grow.

How to find the best LED grow lights for my plants?

Compared to spending dramatical amout of time trying changing your normal LED lights to grow lights, it is more economic and efficient to just order a grow light from us, Amsterdam Growlight. We have focused grow lights industry for decades. We know better what your plants need!

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