Scorpion 800W seedling spectrum


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Want to strengthen your plant stems and produce larger leaves? Look no further – this Scorpion 800W seeding spectrum is the only LED grow light designed for clones or seedlings on the market. We have developed a spectrum allowing a maximum increase in leaf size by 40% – one of the best grow lights for seedlings.

Why should I get Scorpion 800W seeding spectrum?

  • 800W grow lights give you by far the highest power on the LED grow light market
  • Built-in current management system ensures years of use
  • Ease of control within one light when you have multiple Scorpions, thanks to an integrated light power control system
  • You can easily adjust the lighting with this full spectrum led grow lights for seedlings
  • Thousands of Dutch growers’ choices!

Technical information
Power: 800W
PPFD: >2000 μmol/s
Efficacy: 2.8μmol/J
Weight: 21kg
Size: 120cm * 120cm
Lighting area: 140cm * 140cm
Plants amount: >200 clones
Input voltage: 100~305V AC
Lifetime: >52,000 hours
Warranty: 3 years

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