Scorpion 800w Boost Spectrum


  • Highest light power available on the market
  • Energy saver: only uses 800W
  • Extremely low temperature
  • Only for professional industrial users
  • Best-seller in Dutch growers’ community
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The only grow light that makes more than 1g/W fruit in the market!! Thousands of examples tested in Dutch grower community. Send an email to to get your special discount.

Want to grow your flowering plants faster? Look no further! Scorpion 800W Boost Spectrum provides the best lighting for fruiting. With a design built with 10 high-power LED bars, this grow light can help you increase yields, quality, and most importantly, expedite flowering!

Why should I get Scorpion 800W Boost Spectrum?

  • The top-level LED solution to achieve high yields and fruiting
  • 800-Watt High Power is by far the highest power you can find in other similar products
  • Built-in current management system ensures many years of use
  • Ease of control within one light when you have multiple Scorpions, thanks to an integrated light power control system
  • Thousands of Dutch growers’ choices!

What does it do?

This product significantly facilitates air mobility inside the tent by 80%, much higher than other available designs on the market. In particular, this grow light is suitable for 20cm -28cm average size plants within a planting area of 1.2m by 1.2m.

  • Without extra Co2 supplement, the yield is higher than 1g/W
  • With extra Co2 supplement, the yield is higher than 1.5g/W

*Data is measured in our grow lab in Amsterdam with common plant strain.

Technical information

Power: 800W
PPFD: >3200 μmol/s
Efficacy: 2.8μmol/J
Weight: 21kg
Size: 120cm * 120cm
Lighting area: 140cm * 140cm
Plants amount: 20-28 plants
Input voltage: 100~305V AC
Lifetime: >52,000 hours
Warranty: 3 years

Customer Reviews

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No negative experience

I tried a lot of different grow lights and then think this one as one of my favourite. I used it on my indoor plants and they grow pretty well. Also I received the product in a timely manner. So I'm thinking of ordering another.